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Daddy’s Special Bread

Daddy's Special BreadThis is a quick and easy garlic bread that goes perfect with pasta. Originally made in 1997 while I was working as a cook at The Blue Danube restaurant in Columbus Ohio, this recipe has, as they say, stood the test of time. My kids love it, and have even named it Daddy’s Special Bread.


freshly made sub buns (from your grocer’s bakery section)

fake butter (what we call soft spread in a tub)

garlic powder

dried oregano

sprinkle cheese (Kraft parmesan cheese)


Place upper oven rack in the second position from the top. Preheat to BROIL temperature. Cut two sub buns and place open faced upon a baking sheet (Four halves). Spread the fake butter on each. Sprinkle garlic powder on each. Pour oregano in your left palm, take a pinch, and crush it as you sprinkle onto bread. This help open up the flavor of the oregano (credit: mom). Shake the sprinkle cheese. Don’t use too much cheese.

Place in broiler for 3-ish minutes. Keep a close eye, they’re done when golden brown. A little black around the edges is OK. You’ll smell it if you’re’ve left it in too long 😉

Remove from oven and cut horizontally into roughly two-inch strips. Throw ’em on a serving plate and place on dinner table. Watch them disappear!

Serves 4

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