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Japanese noodle salad

This is good for days when it’s too hot to eat.
Rice vermicelli comes in lots of sizes and shapes. I use the thin stuff that comes in a sort of round-shape and use about 4 units (tennis ball-sized).
I use leftover grilled chicken breast, but really you can use whatever you feel like for some texture and flavor. Or just omit this step.
Thin rice vermicelli
1 large cucumber, de-seeded & julienned
2 eggs
Cooked chicken, or ham or turkey lunchmeat or tempeh or tofu
1/8 c. soy sauce
1/8 c. rice vinegar
1/4 c. mirin (sweet Japanese cooking wine)
1 T. sesame oil
cooking oil
Soak rice vermicelli in warm water for about 10-15 minutes.
Boil water for vermicelli. Cook for about 3-4 minutes, run under cold water, and drain. Cut with kitchen shears if noodles are too long and unmanageable.
Whisk eggs with a splash of water (milk okay, but I think water is better in this case). Heat oil in a skillet and add egg mixture, as if to scramble, but gently push curds and mixture around to create one giant eggcake. When the liquid is mostly set, try to flip the eggcake over, just to set the top side.
Remove eggcake from heat and chop into fine shreds.
Cut chicken (or meat substitute) into thin strips.
Combine chicken, egg and cucumber with the noodles.
Combine vinegar, wine, sesame oil and cooking oil separately and then pour over the noodles, mixing well.
Serve cold as a salad or a main dish.

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