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Kale, fingerling potatoes and eggs

This is one of my favorite breakfasts.

Serves two

3-4 eggs
1 bunch kale leaves, any kind, stripped from stems & chopped
1 small onion or 1 bunch scallions, diced, or both
1 red pepper, preferably roasted or grilled, diced
6 fingerling potatoes, cooked and cut into bite-size pieces
Smoked paprika
Cooking oil or butter or both
Salt and pepper
Optional: cheese
Heat oil/butter in skillet (I prefer cast iron). Add onions and scallions and sautee for a minute. Then add red pepper (lately I’ve been grilling red peppers whenever I grill anything else so I have them on hand to throw into things) and kale and saute a few minutes. Add potatoes in near the end. For the eggs, you can either fry them or scramble them; both are tasty. When I scramble, I just push the veggies over to make room for the scrambled eggs and cook them alongside until just barely set and then fold the eggs into the mixture and then plate it. With fried, I make little holes in the mixture for the eggs and then cook them until done. If adding cheese, sprinkle shredded cheese over the skillet at the very end of cooking and give it a minute to melt.

Salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle dish with smoked paprika.

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