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Polish Vodkatini

It’s essentially a Polish Martini by anyones standards, just a whole lot stronger :)
Zubrowka (Bison Grass Vodka)
Apple vodka (any)
Honey vodka (usually manuka honey)
Krupnik (more of a liqueur than a vodka)
Apple juice (pref clear)
Right, you need:
Cocktail shaker
Bar Spoon (or any long utensil, I’m currently using chopsticks)
Martini glass (whatever glass you use make sure you leave it in the freezer for a while before you use it)
1. Add the ice to the shaker glass, fill it to the top if you have enough.
2. Mix a small capful of Apple juice and Krupnik together (a teaspoon or two of normal honey would be fine if you don’t have any Krupnik) and pour over the ice. Stir with the spoon to coat as much of the ice as possible.
3. Add a shot each of Zubrwoka, Apple vodka and Honey vodka and start stirring slowly until the glass is frosted and freezing cold (~3mins).
4. Strain the drink into your glass (if you don’t have a strainer use your imagination, you don’t want any ice in a Martini).
Try doing the cossack dance now!

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